• Japanese breakfast – the healthy start to your day

    japanese traditional breakfast rice and miso soup

    The Japanese traditional meal is to have a bowl of rice, Miso soup and 3 dishes (1 main and 2 side dishes). It is proven to be very healthy and one of the leading health management companies in Japan has opened restaurants serving this style of food to focus on balanced and healthy meals becoming a huge success. Back from London, I am in the mood for gorging on Japanese food, starting with breakfast. I set my rice cooker going and began cooking a traditional Japanese breakfast. Continue reading

  • Great British produce – steak & sausage


    I have been visiting great food producers in the UK for the last few months while researching the new CHERRYFUL site launch, working on farms and buying and trying from various establishments. This time I went to one of my local butchers called, Flock and Herd in Bellenden Road, near Peckham Rye station. Bellenden Road is a gastoronomic heaven, with some wonderful establishments like “General Store” (I absolutely love this grocery shop!), a simple minimalist Italian restaurant, “Artusi” and wonderful breakfast at anderson & co. Continue reading

  • Fried crispy spring rolls without frying

    spring rolls starter with sweet chlli sauce

    Asparagus season has arrived in the UK and I have been picking them up from the local farmers’ market every week. Today, I am experimenting with my mother’s recipe, “crispy spring rolls with prawns and green asparagus”. But instead of deep frying the spring rolls, I cooked them in the oven with a bit of vegetable oil to create a light and healthy starter. Continue reading

  • Super nutritious rice & Sushi recipe

    sprouted brown rice sushi roll plate

    Sprouted rice is highly nutritious and by sprouting brown rice, your body will absorb its nutrients more easily. You can buy sprouted brown rice from health food stores, but it’s so easy to make, that you don’t need to buy it packaged. Today I will show you how to sprout brown rice, and use it in a “Sushi rice recipe”.
    Continue reading