• How to make DASHI stock – vegetarian kombu dashi

    kombu dashi

    One of the reasons why I went to Osaka this winter was to visit an old kelp merchant, Kombu Doi (こんぶ土居). I bought their cook book in my local book shop and since then, I’ve had a desire to make kombu dashi (soup stock made of dried kelp, most of which comes from different parts of Hokkaido, Japan. Well known kombu places are from Hidaka, Rishiri and Rausu. Each kombu has a different character) using their Makombu (真昆布, Makombu is supreme quality kombu and popularly consumed in Osaka). Continue reading

  • SUKIYAKI recipe – with indulging, luxurious Wagyu beef

    Sukiyaki recipe

    I like to eat Wagyu beef with Sukiyaki (すき焼き) dish rather than grilled steak as the marbled, fatty meat is too rich to eat in large chunks in my opinion. Another key ingredient for Sukiyaki is the sauce and I made Warishita sukiyaki sauce using the recipe from a famous Sukiyaki establishment, Imahan, but I rearranged it slightly to my liking. Continue reading

  • OSAKA – unbeatable food, you must try!

    osaka feature image

    People from OSAKA (大阪) are hard critics when it comes to food. They demand high quality, but at a competitive price. Otherwise the restaurants there just won’t survive. When I told a friend of mine and my father that I wanted to visit Osaka, they were visibly exited and recommended me plenty of places to go and eat. Continue reading

  • Eat Tokyo – A place to try & buy awesome Japanese food

    Coredo Muromachi

    “Want to eat real Japanese food in Tokyo, but don’t know where to go?” or perhaps ” Where to buy Japanese delicacies and ingredients for gifts?” They are all familiar questions that I have been repeatedly asked, and I think the easiest solution would be to go to the one of food floors in department stores or concept buildings. Continue reading