• Sesame tofu – simple silky dish & super healthy

    goma dofu main picture

    Sesame tofu known as Goma dofu (ごま豆腐) in Japanese, is originally a major part of a monk’s diet, but also a widely popular regional dish in Nara and Wakayama prefectures. Although it is called “Tofu”, there are no soy beans contained in the product. It’s actually made with either black or white sesame paste, Kuzu flour (picture above, thickening flour from the root of Kuzu plant. Yoshino kuzu is the best quality Kuzu in Japan) and water. Continue reading

  • Karaage – crispy Japanese fried chicken recipe

    Karaage recipe

    Karaage (唐揚げ) – crispy fried chicken – should be on the list of Japanese national foods. Growing up, we all had Karaage in our Bento boxes for school lunch, and they are sold everywhere in Japan from convenience stores to food floors in department stores. It’s a truly comfort food. Continue reading

  • Matcha Latte – sweet green tea latte

    matcha latte

    I am a coffee lover, and like many people, I need a big cup of coffee in the morning to shake the sleep out of my head. But since I started travelling backwards and forwards between Japan and the UK in recent years, I’ve developed a secret affair with Japanese teas. Continue reading

  • Teriyaki salmon recipe, sticky sweet yummy sauce

    teriyaki salmon

    Teriyaki sauce is the one of classic sauces in Japanese cooking, and making it couldn’t be simpler! Some recipes use sake and sugar as well as mirin and soy sauce, but I like to use the minimum possible condiment in each recipe, so I only use mirin and soy sauce for my Teriyaki recipe.

    Continue reading