• Teriyaki salmon recipe, sticky sweet yummy sauce

    teriyaki salmon

    Teriyaki sauce is the one of classic sauces in Japanese cooking, and making it couldn’t be simpler! Some recipes use sake and sugar as well as mirin and soy sauce, but I like to use the minimum possible condiment in each recipe, so I only use mirin and soy sauce for my Teriyaki recipe.

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  • Japanese hot pot, NABE – spicy miso nabe recipe

    Japanese hot pot nabe

    The wet, cold, and windy weather has finally arrived in London, and last week we had a proper winter’s evening. This also means that the timing couldn’t be more perfect to have a wonderfully warming Japanese hot pot, Nabe (鍋). It is one of the most popular Japanese winter recipes. Continue reading

  • IPPUDO London, world-famous Ramen comes to the capital

    Tonkotsu Ramen

    Ippudo is possibly the one of most recognisable Ramen restaurant chains in the world. Whether they’re the best or not, the verdict will come later. 3 of us (2 x Japanese and 1 x non Japanese) went to Ippudo in central London today to try their famous Tonkotsu Ramen. Continue reading

  • Ramen noodle recipes – quick BUT tasty!

    tan tan ramen noodle recipe

    My boyfriend loves Tantan Men noodle soup (担々麺), a spicy sesame based soup with noodles (originating from Dandan noodle in Sichuan, China. The noodle can be served with or without soup), and this is definitely his first choice of Ramen noodle recipe. I once had to deliver him the bad news that his favourite Ramen restaurant in Japan had closed down…..His reaction was “Can you create a Tantan Men noodle recipe for me?”. I didn’t expect this at all! Continue reading