• Tsukune – chicken recipe, something new today

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    I like minced meat (ground meat to our American friends) because it is economical and versatile, so the recipe choices are countless. In Britain, minced chicken is not well-known (an alternative choice will be minced turkey. But I do recommend using chicken mince). Don’t be scared, it’s so easy to make your own chicken mince, and I will show you how. Continue reading

  • Tempura batter with Matcha green tea


    Tempura is one of the most popular Japanese recipes. But to make a light and fluffy Tempura batter at home is not easy. I have tried and experimented with a few recipes to create what I think is a perfect Tempura batter. Continue reading

  • Japanese Kasutera cake made with precious eggs

    Kasutera cake

    Kasutera originated from Portugal and was brought over by Portuguese merchants and missionaries to Nagasaki, a southern port city in Japan. The word “Kasutera” was derived from the Portuguese word, Castella. Since the 16th Century, the cake has become one of the Japanese people’s favourites, and still a Nagasaki specialty. Continue reading

  • Japanese cooking – knife cutting techniques

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    In Japanese cooking, we have various cutting techniques. If you follow the way that original recipes ask you to cut the ingredients, it will make a huge difference to your dish, not only for visual impact, but it will also reduce cooking time and maximise the flavours.

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