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    I started CHERRYFUL purely to share my experiences and knowledge of Japan where I was born and grew up. But gradually it became clear that I wanted to write about Japanese food and make recipes for people who want to try the food. Japanese cooking is the one of the healthiest cuisines you can try. Japanese people have one of lowest obesity and breast cancer rates in the world because of their lifestyle and diet. Continue reading

  • Tonkotsu ramen – KANADA-YA Ramen bar, London

    tonkotsu ramen feature image

    Japanese tonkotsu ramen lovers in London go to tonkotsu ramen bar, “KANADA-YA (金田家)”, so even though I am not a great tonkotsu ramen fan, I feel that I should try their ramen. My dad used to run a chain of ramen restaurants in Japan and travelled all over the country for his ramen research. I would like to think that I inherited his trait and can be quite picky when ramen is concerned. Continue reading

  • Omurice recipe – creamy tomato, seafood omurice

    omurice recipe feature image

    Omurice (オムライス, Japanese omelette rice) is a retro Japanese fusion dish – the original omurice recipe was possibly created in either the Meiji or Taisho period, duing the time when we started adopting many aspects of the Western lifestyle. The standard omurice recipe is to use fried rice with onions, chicken thighs, and garden peas seasoned with tomato ketchup, then the whole thing is covered with a soft omelette. Continue reading

  • Fast food places in Tokyo “eating on the budget”

    fast food places in Tokyo

    Japan is a food heaven country. There are so many choices for food in every corner on the streets and it is overwhelming. Japan can be an expensive place to eat out, but today I will show you fast food places where you don’t even need to spend “one coin” (meaning 500 YEN, £2.7 GBP and just over $4 USD in current exchange rate. That’s the Japanese salary man’s usual budget for lunch). Continue reading